Kinesis 2017

Date: Sept 22 – 25

Join us for this groundbreaking celebration of Kootenay film, featuring over 20 amazing local productions, including the latest ski masterpiece, filmed last winter in Nelson – Imagination from Sherpas Cinemas, the hilarious dramatic comedy from Creston’s Sarah Kapoor – The Bad Mother, the documentary featuring The Civic Theatre – Out of the Interior and many more! Spanning several genres there is sure to be something for everyone, with multiple nights of screenings, each with a distinct focus, plus you are almost guaranteed to see someone you know on screen! Learn More, Passes and Individual Tickets On Sale Now

Lund: The End of the Road

Date: Tentative Oct 2

Follow this real life group of American war resisters and free-spirited Canadians and Europeans, escaping conformity and comfort for greener pastures. Not only did this eclectic group of dreamers, artists and intellectuals find Lund, BC, they accidentally found each other.

Director: Tai Uhlmann
114 Min / English / 14A